Full-Spectrum Craft Sodas

Just Pure Craft Soda & Tasteless Full-Spectrum Cannabis…That’s it.

Scroll down to discover our naturally light sodas.

Scroll down to discover our naturally light sodas.

Hi! Welcome to Zèle (pronounced zéll).

Our name is French for ‘zeal’, which means great enthusiasm in pursuit of our objective – to boldly take cannabis drinks where no drink has gone before…

Everything we do is driven by a powerful sense of purpose and love for our craft, perfecting it over decades by hand to successfully create a game changer.

We have faced many challenges along the way and achieved our objective through relentless pursuit. We believe that the power of passion, dedication and unwavering determination can defy the impossible and create the future we want and deserve.

Chill it, sip back and taste the future.

If you love real, authentic craft soda flavour

but don’t want a bitter, skunky or grassy cannabis taste…Zèle is the drink for you.

Our classic sodas are carefully craft-brewed from natural and organic top-shelf ingredients. Each flavour is meticulously balanced with specific cannabis genetics for an impossibly delicious soda that tastes so good, you have to feel it to believe there’s cannabis in there at all.

Welcome to the future, it’s bold, bright and feels alright.


Ideal dose to have on your own or split with a friend


Proprietary nanoencapsulated cannabis drink that kicks in quick


Short, vegan ingredient list, sweetened naturally for an unforgettable taste.


Sativa and Indica craft sodas without a bitter taste to complement any occasion


Full-flavour brewed soda, handcrafted by extracting flavour from the grown source

Curious to know how we craft-brew an impossibly delicious soda with flavourless full-spectrum cannabis?


Take a trip with us to Zèle, a deliciously dreamy future.
Join the list and let’s defy impossible.
If you know, you know and now, you could know.