Our Story

Perfected Over Decades

Zèle’s co-founder discovered a passion for soda pop at the age of 7. Two years later, he learned he was no longer allowed to drink them due to a health issue. Naturally, he responded by unearthing his great grandfather’s pharmacy textbook from a basement office and began to rapidly advance his soda pop efforts. Over the next 13 years, he mastered soda craft-brewing. Since legalization, he has also made radical advancements in cannabis extraction technology, creating full-spectrum cannabis beverages like no other.


Our co-founder took the same passion for soda-making and applied it to every design detail in our facility. From crawling under machinery to digitally rendering the way each gear interlocks, his team built a facility that remained true to the sodas he created on his kitchen countertop.

Located in Edmonton, our state-of-the-art facility was meticulously designed by passionate craftspeople to extract, infuse, and produce craft-quality sodas all under one roof.

Craft-Brewed, not Mixed

Our soda is crafted by extracting flavour from the grown source.

In contrast, synthesized (mixed) sodas are made by re-creating flavour from various building blocks, all the trace elements are removed.

We don’t try to imitate nature.

We harness nature’s marvel to carefully craft a balanced flavour profile like no other.  It tastes so good, it can only be described as deliciously futuristic.

Our ingredient list will always be short and natural.


That’s it!

Our proprietary nanoencapsulation process takes handmade craft-brewed syrup and infuses it with flavour-wrapped, full-spectrum cannabinoids, eliminating the bitter taste. Cannabinoid stability is further enhanced by our recyclable glass bottle.
The result is a stable, great-tasting soda from top to bottom with a consistent experience time and time again.

Other cannabis drinks are made with nanoemulsified cannabis. This involves sonicating cannabis distillate that has lost trace plant elements into tiny particles. These particles tend to precipitate around the aluminum can, resulting in a semi-stable and bitter tasting drink with an inconsistent experience.


Our sodas come in a recyclable glass bottle to ensure a deliciously consistent full-spectrum experience every time.